Some news about the conference

Dear all,

currently I know about 33 people who are going to participate in the conference. The program is not fixed yet (I still wait for some titles and abstracts), but I can already tell that we will have:

4 Invited talks:

      Effective topology from the eyes of a logician (Giovanni Sambin)


      Representations for polynomial-time computability (Akitoshi Kawamura)


      Descriptive set theory for countably based T0-spaces. (Matthew deBrecht)


    Descriptive set theory for computable analysis (Victor Selivanov)

2 Tutorials:

      Effective Brownian Motion (Willem Fouche)


    The proofs-as-programs paradigm in computable analysis (Ulrich Berger)

8 regular talks
12 informal talks
8 special talks on Saturday

I will tell more details after this weekend….

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